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:kitty: :kitty: Welcome to my page, aru. :kitty: :kitty:

Kumusta! This is Mitsuki Horenake here with the recent update. Life has been rather hard with school and everything, but I should be able to update things in due time. Perhaps I can find a damn scanner and continue drawing for once, but for now, go to my website for any action from me~

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By the way, since I usually make just Hetalia games, the majority of the stuff I use is in the same pool of whatever I can find, and if I forget to link this up in the future, here's the whole list of credits:…

I swear, if I tried a credit roll with this, it would take three minutes.

OK, before I go, I should let you know that I'm getting into a nice game called "Epic Mafia", and that I have been playing it with some friends. I'm putting the links up here because my computer might break and I might lose these links. If you want a preview of how the games work, take a look~ [I'm the one in the brackets]… [Stahn / Stalker]… [Luke / Bodyguard]… [Flynn / Illusionist]… [Norma / Bulletproof]… [Hubert / Detective]

Who knows? I might find a Hetalia Family waiting to play.

Oh, by the way. To all of you Animal Crossing: New Leaf players out there. My Dream Address is 5300-2982-2071. If you're going to the very odd realm of "Fitaliem", then you're there :D
Also known as "Mink the Bara is granted a miracle", "Sei got more lines than in the damn game", and "the day Clear fans spontaneously exploded into tears".  Or, as I personally call it, "the twenty minutes that I desperately wanted to take the two not-twins and burn them at the stake".

I am watching this episode as I am typing this review, so the thoughts will be set moment to moment, so let me begin by saying that I kinda wanted Aoba to see Sei while he was in the Tower and Aoba was holding onto Ren.  It would've been pretty interesting, not to mention it'll show Aoba what Sei's power ended up being.  It would've been cool, but whatever works I guess.  Come to think about it, the anime has a lot more Sei cameos than in the game.  I mean, it would work concerning the fact that Aoba's story is Sei's story, but it feels like oversaturation, like how we kept getting Clear cameos despite the fact that he doesn't even start talking until the second episode.

I did find it interesting that they started the episode with a recap of what happened in the previous episode.  What makes me laugh even more was that Mink was like "you stay there and I'll go find Toue" and Aoba was like "no, I'm going with you because I saw why you wanted to get revenge" and I was like "LEAVING AOBA IN ENEMY TERRITORY IS A BAD IDEA, YOU TWAT the least you can do is escort him to a fucking exit" or maybe I'm too smart for this anime.  It's about as understanding as trying to figure out how gay Ren's gonna be in this anime.  I mean, his entire route is about caring a lot for Aoba, but are we talking platonicly kinda-gay like in Criminal Minds or full blown BL right-up-the-ass-while-A-TOWER-FALLS-BEFORE-US gay?  Because as of right now, I have no idea how to make Ren not gay in this.  It's basically his whole motivation.  Or, you know, we can just keep him gay and dead.  Make it easier on all of us.

Moving onward, I am so grateful that we finally get a scene in the locker room.  For those of you who are uninitiated, the locker room is predominantly in Noiz's Route, where the two gay birds punch each other for a few minutes before Aoba realizes that he can't even dent the guy.  In the anime, it ended up being the first time Aoba bumps into Sei and has a legit conversation with him.  I mean, the game has a legit conversation, but it kinda happens once.  In fact, in the game, the first time Aoba and Sei bump into each other Sei is way too weak (or brain dead?) to talk.  Here, he just lets the Internet version of him do so.  At least Aoba finds out in the real world who wrote Silent Oath (maybe Sei uses RPG Maker.  We'd be awesome friends :D).  It all basically ties back to his power, which I think I'll wait until the end of the episode to try and explain, if Toue doesn't explain it for me. 

(Actually, before I move on, someone please answer this for me.  Is the seiyuu of Sei a woman or a man?  This person literally has no freaking resume anywhere on the Internet, and Sei sounds so ambiguous that I literally have a better chance deciding the gender of this seiyuu on a coin flip.)

OK, before we even do the transition, I will admit a couple of things.  First off, how many times was Aoba knocked out in this show?  Not counting Scrap and Rhyme?  Four times?  Yeah, now it's five.  It's not that horrible in the game.  Secondly, I actually giggled when that Morphine guy whacked Aoba in the head while in the locker room.  Wait, does that mean he literally waited there for god knows how long and just listened to this entire conversation?  Does he even know what's going on?  I actually had to type this all out just to get the giggles to stop.  I am such a horrible person.

Now we get to the good stuff: Virus and Trip.  We're now at the point where the game is supposed to tell us, the player, and Aoba that Virus and Trip were running Morphine the entire time.  Now, this would've been a great reveal if the anime didn't spoil it for us in the third episode, so much for that.  And I will admit that the entire time I was watching, I was like "ANGRY!  ANGRY!  GET ANGRY!  IF WE GET VITRI BAD ENDING IN THIS DAMN ANIME I'M BAILING" and yelling like that.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if Aoba will remember his memories as Scrap as he did in Mink's Route when he was brainwashed into remembering.  Fortunately, everything else in the game was in this anime (like how they told Aoba that Sei was the twin and all that designer baby crap.  They really kept all the details in).  In fact, I actually liked how they were portrayed in the anime.  Actual moving images and the like!  Though from the looks of it, I don't have to explain Sei's powers, so that's good to hear.  Both of their powers are pretty vague at best, other than both of them including brainwashing.  There is a difference in their powers, that much I remember, and it doesn't have anything to do with how their powers are portrayed.  Can't remember; will try to remember by the end of this episode.

Then again, this just solidified all of the reasons why I LOATHE VITRI ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LOATHE NUI HARIME AND IF I WAS IN THIS WORLD IT WOULD PLEASE ME SO MUCH TO JUST DRACO METEOR THEIR ASSES.  I mean, I have an entire rant ready for them, but for the sake of keeping this short, I won't tell you this rant.  Instead, I'll just say that they're just about the right level of sociopathic that would let girls be obsessed with them (I mean, let's face it: people are into sociopaths these days.  Sherlock, Dexter, you name them).  It's just that they are at that particular level of sociopath where it stops getting interesting and starts getting irritating.  I mean, in the ViTri bad ending they end up making Aoba a sex slave, and that made me so mad that it actually made me go and watch Clear's bad ending, because at least Aoba got half his senses ripped out and that would mean that he could be brain dead a lot faster than being a fucking sex slave.  Heck, they actually get their ending mixed into this segment, which is basically them being like "let's have a little fun with Aoba while he's tied to a chair!"  FUCK SEX SLAVERY.  FUCK THESE TWO.


Anyway, since Aoba reacted in anger we finally get to bypass this ending and get all the boyfriends jumping into the scene to lay the beat down that I desperately wanted to give these two bastards (though Koujaku doesn't even pull out the blade. What's up with that?).  Nice to know that Mink bypassed his Toue revenge for a minute and decided to punch some dudes and...okay, how did Noiz beat that guy?  He just distracted him with the Coil and punched him from behind?  How does that even work?  Do brainwashed Morphine members still check their Coils?  I thought they were brainwashed, so they just talk to each other telepathically like headsets or some shit?  Wow, ViTri, you have no idea how to prioritize brainwashing-

Oh hey Clear.

Did Clear just come out of the fucking ceiling?  Did all the fans just stop to cry buckets of joy or something?!  Di-

Okay.  No reaction out of Aoba, so we'll just...let it go, I guess.  Let them all go, while we're at it.  Uh, sure.

Instead, let's turn our attention to Ren busting up and finishing Mink's Route.  And let's just enjoy the fact that Mink the Bara has just granted us another animation miracle and gives us an actual fight scene that was awesome.  For all of you MinAo fans, you must be so grateful for the fact that your shipping fodder lasts two episodes.  Heck, everyone else only gets one.  That annoys us, but whatever.  The anime is here to get more Mink fans.  Hopefully, they're winning.

All right then, we're now at the top of the tower and all three of them are chatting like neighbors.  More of Mink's Route is revealed, people talk even more and Toue is like "I'm totally brainwashing you because I got Scrap" and Mink is like "are you fucking serious" we're all like "YOU DIDN'T THINK HE WOULD DO THAT" and after getting creeped out by the single most scariest image of Mink's face ever, I actually realized that I have no idea what Toue had brainwashed Mink to do.  Did he just Scrap him into abandoning his mission?  Like a simple "don't do it"?  Cause according to what the anime is telling me, he's basically telling him to leave the both of them alive.  Can't remember exactly what's going on.  Wow, I fail as a DMmd fan.

Anywho, I totally called it.  Aoba had accidentally Scraped his words to "live" when he told Mink that in the previous episode.  The anime never did recaps of previous episode endings and so they made it as blatantly obvious as possible.  Not to mention that Aoba had used his power through his voice countless times, so it would be obvious to assume that any command would end up as a Scrap.  They only hid it by not giving it special effects.  Leave it to a cheap animating company to pull that off.  Though, it would be nice for Mink to, you know, SHOOT WHILE TALKING.  A man so drowned in revenge should be SHOOTING WHILE EXPLAINING, SO THAT WE CAN TALK OVER HIS DYING BODY.  Mink, you're an idiot.  But then again, true idiots don't overanalyze things so much that he decides that everyone associated with this man should die, ending with him becoming a terrorist because he wants to kill every single person who lived under his care and then as a communist once he realizes that it's the only way for peace *cough*sasuke*cough*.

Anyway, now that Mink's Route is finally over we can finally go to Ren's Route, which now begins with him biting his finger and NOW WE GET AOBA REMEMBERING EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED.  Woohoo.  But then that means that we get a severe lack of Alphas for the rest of the anime, which blows all the way to Sunday.  We now have two episodes to figure out if we're gonna be missing anything in Ren's Route.  Crap.

All right, the episode is over, and let me start by saying that for all the Clear fans sobbing like babies about him coming back for this episode, I have to admit that Aoba seemed very...underwhelmed by it all.  I guess it could be due to shock of being told all the crap that he was told by ViTri, but you know, compared to Clear's Route where Aoba starts bawling on everything Clear touches like he's the second coming of Christ, the reaction is very underwhelming.  Other than that, I'm a little happy that Mink got two episodes to himself. It's to show that his route really is the plot moving forward, and to rush his route would be to rush the plot in general.  I'm also a little glad that they gave Aoba and Sei another conversation, because I love the brother-brother bond they have.  All in all, this episode is decent to pretty good at best, though I felt a little underwhelmed by Clear's return and just how much the fans pissed themselves over it on Tumblr.
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