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:kitty: :kitty: Welcome to my page, aru. :kitty: :kitty:

Kumusta! This is Mitsuki Horenake here with the recent update. Life has been rather hard with school and everything, but I should be able to update things in due time. Perhaps I can find a damn scanner and continue drawing for once, but for now, go to my website for any action from me~

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By the way, since I usually make just Hetalia games, the majority of the stuff I use is in the same pool of whatever I can find, and if I forget to link this up in the future, here's the whole list of credits:…

I swear, if I tried a credit roll with this, it would take three minutes.

OK, before I go, I should let you know that I'm getting into a nice game called "Epic Mafia", and that I have been playing it with some friends. I'm putting the links up here because my computer might break and I might lose these links. If you want a preview of how the games work, take a look~ [I'm the one in the brackets]… [Stahn / Stalker]… [Luke / Bodyguard]… [Flynn / Illusionist]… [Norma / Bulletproof]… [Hubert / Detective]

Who knows? I might find a Hetalia Family waiting to play.

Oh, by the way. To all of you Animal Crossing: New Leaf players out there. My Dream Address is 5300-2982-2071. If you're going to the very odd realm of "Fitaliem", then you're there :D
For those of you who don't know what's going on, the BL visual novel known as DRAMAtical Murder is being adapted into an anime. Many have been personally excited for this stage of development, seeing as how it has very good characterization of each and every single person that is in the game, and the storyline itself is very rich in detail compared to other BL adaptations.  However, many fans are very skeptical about how this is going to be dealt with.  Most of them point toward another Nitro+Chiral game as an explanation: Togainu no Chi, known as one of the worst adaptations of a BL anything EVER. 

I personally watched little of the anime and around the same amount from the actual game itself, and I can kinda see where they're going at.  The animation was almost Hetalia levels of choppy (and Hetalia gets a pass because they were literally adapting it as if it was a comic strip), characterization is very minimal at best for most of the guys, and let's face it: WHO THE FUCK IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS DECIDED TO REPLACE THE ENTIRE FREAKING VA CAST?  They don't even get the fun excuse of "different dubbing studio" that we Americans can have.  Many fans wonder why I left out the complaint about how they took out the BL.  Personally, I can accept the fact that we might lack BL in an adaptation, especially one that's trying to reach toward a general audience that may or may not like Yaoi.  Though if I'm being honest, I feel as if the animators were ashamed of working on a Yaoi title, and most of the time I wondered if they secretly wished that it could've been Shonen instead.  I could've accepted heavy hints the way Hetalia does.  But I feel as if it's not even that.

And now I bring myself to DRAMAtical Murder.  I don't think characterization is going to be a problem, seeing as how TnC has around thirteen characters that they could've chosen to throw into the plot while DMmd has a reasonable six.  However, what else could we expect from the new adaptation?  Seeing as how most people aren't really sure on what they want from the anime, I am going to list what I expect will be changed and what will stay the same.  I am not claiming that this is exactly what's going to happen.  I am stating what I believe is going to happen so that everyone will be able to find some kind of realistic standard so that we aren't overblowing what will inevitably be a bad adaptation.

And since I'm not sure about the sheer number that we're going with, all predictions henceforth are made with the assumption that DRAMAtical Murder will have twelve episodes to work with, same as Togainu no Chi.
  • They're gonna cut out the BL, guys.  If they're going to air it on the TV, there's a great chance that they're going to cut it all out.  Besides, if the anime flat out confirmed one pairing, they might end up isolating other pairings.  For example, if the anime ends with a Noiz x Aoba pairing, what are we going to do with all the Clear x Aoba fans who totally wanted that to be there?  And besides, if the pairing confirmed is Mink x Aoba, what is everyone going to believe?  Nothing?  Totally.
    • Innocent semi-BL moments might be in the anime, though.  Noiz can only feel through the tongue, of course, and Naruto got away with having Sasuke and Naruto kiss for half a second, so maybe that would stay in (otherwise, BAD CHARACTERIZATION will be thrown around).  Clear innocently kissing Aoba might be in there too, just for the sake of having some fluff to sleep on that night.


  • Ren's Route is going to be the main storyline that will be incorporated.  If any other storylines will be mixed in, it will be Mink's and Clear's.  Looking back, Koujaku was merely a victim of Toue's plan, and I can't seriously remember how Noiz gets tied up in all this.  The other three routes are very plot centric, and you need these guys in order to get the overall arc.  Expect Ryuuhou to talk to either Toue or a shadow-cladded Alpha in order to incorporate Koujaku, and Noiz might end up being a bigger talker and more screen time in order to make up for his lack of involvement in the actual plot.  Actually...
    • I don't think they're going to add anything new to the Common Route of the story.  Unless having more Mizuki cameos and more drifting of Virus and Trip counts as adding.  The majority of the changes are going to come from the branching paths where Aoba learns about Scrapping from Tae-san.  Hence, in order to incorporate as many branches as possible, they'll have to wrap this up as quick as possible.  Maybe...six, seven episodes?
    • By the way, if they want to cut up Koujaku's route a bit so that we can all focus on Mink and Clear in Platinum Jail, we can introduce Ryuuhou into the plot while we're still in the Old Residential District.


  • Everyone's gonna get into Platinum Jail.  But not in the same way as in the game.  Instead of Aoba and whoever he's with getting an invitation while they're all separated from each other, Aoba will instead rendezvous with the other guys after they lose the police and they will all get the invitation at once.  Then they're going to go the entrance area where they'll end up in the center of Platinum Jail the same was as in Ren's route.  They might also share living quarters in Glitter, but this is questionable at best.


  • The Platinum Jail segment may lean a bit toward Clear x Aoba.  Hear me out.  Each and every single one of the guys are hiding something from Aoba at a given time, and yes I'm including Ren in this.  However, out of all of these incidents, only Clear is hiding something that isn't personally affecting his relationship with Aoba.  So I would not be surprised if after trying desperately to figure out what's wrong with the rest of the guys, Aoba ends up going to Clear to try and sort out what's going on and to vent out his frustrations.  Not only would it lead into a great robot moment where Clear learns about "the power of friendship" and the usual crap, it might even lead to them being alone when he removes the gas mask for Aoba without Koujaku waving his blade around.
    • Something has to distract Noiz from Ren up until the Oval Tower.  Remember when Noiz debugged something from Ren while Aoba was asleep in his route?  It's the same bug that was left untreated in Ren's route, which caused his emotions to come up and start the True Route.  The True Route cannot start if Noiz fixes the bug.  Actually, this would be a great place for Aoba to find out that Noiz can't feel anything, since Ren might feel violated and attack Noiz, and I'm pretty sure we can't get away with Noiz and Aoba punching each other alone in the tower.
    • Clear better get his death scene.  Clear better get his death scene.


  • This anime is going to bring in a lot more Mink fans.  Why?  Because the Yaoi is being censored up, and next to that, Mink won't be allowed to rape Aoba because THAT IS WAY TOO MUCH FOR ALL OF US TO HANDLE.  Besides, I'm still aiming toward everyone being in the Jail at a time, so if this stuff happens even ONCE, I'm pretty sure Koujaku would be on this guy's ass faster that he'd be on Aoba's (lol sex joke) and if Koujaku forgave Mink for that, we all would scream bad characterization and run with it.  So they're going to end up smoothing off Mink's edges, which might be more than enough to get people to like him.  Fans of the anime is going to end up playing the game and leave utterly betrayed.


  • Don't worry, guys.  Everyone's gonna get their good ending in the Oval Tower.  Aoba's Scrapping all of them.  Why do I say that?  Because remember in Ren's route, all the guys show up to save Aoba from Morphine and help him snap Ren out of it...and then Toue calls him to come up alone and they're all chill with it for some reason.  I believe that in the anime, Aoba is going to Scrap all of them and snap them all out of it, and when they all go up to Toue, they're all gonna get too tired to continue, and it'll force Aoba to go up there alone.
    • I'll go one further.  Here's the order they're going to be Scrapped: Koujaku, Mink, Noiz, Clear.  As for Ren's placement, not sure about it just yet.  Maybe at the end?
    • Heck, one further.  Everyone's gonna end up separated from Aoba because they get distracted by something (I'm not sure about what, so just assume it's a really shiny penny) with the exception of Clear, since he has no need to leave.  Koujaku will show up first with his gang with Ryuuhou and that event will go normally, maybe with Clear blocking Aoba from Koujaku and revealing his superhealing to Koujaku (because Aoba totally knows that), and since Koujaku is able to stand and walk normally, he'll join the team.  Mink comes next, and everyone starts pointing out how Clear and that Alpha guy looks pretty similar.  Everyone gets Scrapped by Toue, but Clear's singing only snaps Koujaku out of it and Aoba goes into Mink. Mink says "whatev's" and heads after Toue, with Clear chasing after him because ALPHAS.  Aoba and Koujaku then face after Noiz, and Koujaku will find out about the "no-pain" thing.  Aoba Scraps him, and they find out he can feel pain when...I dunno, Koujaku slaps him for being an ass.  Then they all find Clear fighting off the Alphas, we work with him, and then after that they'll find Ren.  Then all that happens.  Then they'll all get too tired to move on and Aoba and Ren go to Toue alone.
    • Relax.  When Toue bows out and allows Aoba to meet with Sei, Mink will meet him on the way out.


  • You know what I think would be cool and would be pretty neat as an extra if they have the time?  Include the Bad Endings for each character as a part of the Scrap process.  They kinda did it in Koujaku's ending, where Aoba's other self tried tempting Koujaku and that ended up turning him mad if you were horrible at basic Japanese or English grammar (or maybe you just really wanted to see Koujaku on a leash).  But snap him out of it not when the other self was tempting, but when he thinks that he's completely lost to the anger.  Remember in re:Connect's Bad Ending, the small fragments of what was left of Aoba and Koujaku were calling out to each other before they were destroyed for good (or were sealed off or whatever).  Well, instead of that being a horrible hope spot, what if that was instead Aoba calling Koujaku to snap out of it so that they come back to the Midnight Channel (oh wait, wrong show) and get the hell out of there?  And yes, I am saying this so that we can all have the excuse of watching all the new fans' horrified faces of seeing the beautiful ending of Noiz and Aoba covered completely in blood and constantly in pain.  Heck, if Noiz could break himself out of that bloody bad ending, it would mean a lot to his character, since it would symbolize that he no longer just cares for himself, but for others.  Pretty brilliant, right?  Not to mention that it'll add another Social Link to Aoba~
    • Well, I guess we can exclude Mink's Bad Ending from this.  Cause I seriously don't know how that would work.

  • Noiz's Scrapped world is going to be a hell of a lot different.  In the game, it was basically one interference on the monitor that we were playing the game on.  I highly doubt that it's going to be like that in the anime.  But you also have to remember that we're constantly seeing everything through Aoba's eyes throughout the game.  So hence, we can assume that the messing up things will occur only to Aoba, and perhaps have to interfere with us, the viewer.  It might start replaying the first episode, but then jumpcut rapidly to wherever Noiz is in (and by jumpcut, I mean those things in the anime where a scene ends and then it's automatically in the next scene, like how normal anime cutscenes work).  Aoba finding out that he's still in Noiz's head and that everything happened up to that point will be the whole Scrapping thing.  If we're really cheap, we might even see Aoba seeing Noiz's past in the end.


  • Noiz and Mink are probably not going to be in the ending.  Remember, both of them disappear in the ending when they're not being the chased love interest, with Noiz going God knows where (I'm assuming Germany) and Mink either committing suicide or heading to America.  Unless something happens in the anime that didn't happen in the game that will keep them in the island, they're gonna be gone.  Hence, unless Aoba chases after them, the anime may look toward Koujaku, Ren or Clear.


  • By the by, Aoba and Ren's relationship might be censored to them having a brotherly connection.  It could work, since Ren would be in Sei's body, which would be symbolic of Aoba having both of his brothers with him.  Ren is back physically, and Sei is finally "free" in a way.  Unless you're into that relationship.  In which case, dig your bunkers now.


  • OK, this is just a slight warning.  If this anime ends up being really good, it will probably get an English Dub.  It will most likely be done by FUNimation, since they did some of the other Nitro+ anime.  You're going to hate it.  Just accept that.
Just so you know, these are all my guesses.  Feel free to dispute in the comments.  Besides, it'll sort out more realistic goals for the anime.  Because let's face it: if you just want a moving version of the visual're better off with the visual novel.

EDIT: I'm tending to think of some other things as we get closer to the release date, so expect some updates on this as the days go on.
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CheshireNeko247 4 days ago  Student General Artist
I saw your signature and I just had to say technically Germany = HRE x Italy is cannon due to the valentines special comic.
MadameMidnightRose Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the favs :D
HotaruMitsuki101 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome~
Thanks for the watch!
HotaruMitsuki101 Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome~
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:iconkermitplz: Hi ho! Kermit the Frog here!

Nah, I'm just kidding. XD Here's the first creepypasta I wrote: anime-luvr-girl12316.deviantar… in case you're interested. ;)
SoraMayHearts Mar 1, 2014  New member
I really like your games,however they don't like me. Anyways,I think you a very funny awesome person. You also love the feels don't you. My poor heart. T_T 
HotaruMitsuki101 Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Aw, thank you.  It's just do to all the coding and how big the game is.  Did you see the MB?  600+.  Trying to cut it down is like surgery.

And yes, feels are fun~
SoraMayHearts Mar 2, 2014  New member
Yeah,seems huge. And it's a really fun game to bad I have to get every problem. WhY DoES LifE HATE ME SO! *sighs* I can't even play anymore. :*(
HotaruMitsuki101 Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Debugging it is a pain.  I have to play it from the beginning to find the issues.  It's about 8 hours long.
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